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Weekend Meditation Retreat: Freedom in Every Breath

November 18, 2016 - November 20, 2016

Breathing Meditation Retreat, Calgary 2016

Treat yourself to an enriching, life changing retreat experience this fall.  Dr. Cara Conroy-Low will be offering training on Mindfulness of Breathing in a weekend retreat setting at Clear Sky Retreat Centre in Eastern BC.

If you are already seeing Cara for acupuncture, you may have already heard her talk about Clear Sky, a place she loves dearly.  She lived and worked at Clear Sky for several years, and helped develop the farm and food forest at the centre.  She also attends retreats there herself every year.

Clear Sky is a beautiful 310-acre property in the East Kootenay of BC, near Fernie and Cranbrook. It is an easy and scenic four hour drive from Calgary.

Why meditate?

Meditation is a wonderful way to find deeper levels of calm, concentration, joy and well-being.  Developing a solid meditation practice allows one to see, acknowledge and release patterns that no longer serve, thereby providing the foundation for depth healing.  Because the body and mind are so interdependent, as we bring the mind into balance, we also bring the body into balance and vice versa.

Why do this retreat?

Meditation AlbertaThis retreat will teach you to calm and focus your mind by tying it to the in-breaths and out-breaths. With the breath as your anchor you will begin to see the nature of the mind that wanders from thought to thought, feeling to feeling, and does not want to be trained!

You will learn to calm this mind, the first steps to a unified, undistracted state of being that is essential to transforming your moment to moment experience of life.

The Roots of Freedom in Every Breath

Meditation Teacher Doug Duncan SenseiThis retreat, Freedom in Every Breath, will cover training in Mindfulness of Breathing.  The Mindfulness of Breathing (anapanasati) meditation is also one of the oldest traditional Buddhist meditation practices. It is particularly known to be good for all personality types, and is especially helpful for physical healing.   It is a practice one can do safely anywhere you find yourself.

Achariya Doug Duncan kindly developed the framework for this retreat based on teachings passed down through the Namgyal Lineage.  Doug is Clear Sky Centre’s founding teacher, and has been Dr Cara Conroy-Low’s main meditation teacher for over 10 years.


About the Retreat Teacher

Dr Cara Conroy-Low AcupuncturistCara Conroy-Low is an Acupuncturist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine based in Calgary.  Cara fell in love with meditation and Buddhist based therapy in her early twenties and now has over ten years of personal dharma experience and training.  Originally from New Zealand, Cara has travelled widely, studying Dharma in both Japan and Canada with Achariya Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei. She also trained extensively for four years at Clear Sky Centre where she worked to help develop Clear Sky’s farm and food forest.

Cara continues a committed practice of Karma Yoga, meditation & training in the city, and is also a Karma Yoga & Dharma Trainer for students in the community.

What others say about learning meditation with Cara:

I have attended many Dharma talks with several different teachers, each with their unique backgrounds, experiences, and styles. And although I have learned from each of them I find I particularly resonate with Cara’s teaching style. She is calm and creates a sense of calm within the group. So just by being in the room with her some of the world’s business just disappears. She is patient and non-judgemental which makes people feel safe to speak about personal issues. She shares some of her own experiences in a very relateable and often hilarious way.
We all have ‘neuroses’ that when brought to light tend to make us feel ashamed. But Cara has the ability to help you navigate through your thoughts and feelings and discover the truth about why you react in certain ways. And suddenly the shame disappears and is replaced by understanding, forgiveness, and a sense that a huge weight has been lifted from your conscience. 
-Stephanie Miller, Calgary, 2016.

Retreat Details

Dates & Times: Friday night, November 18th, starting at 4pm, ending Sunday, November 20th at 1pm.

Retreat Fees: $449-$491.  This includes the meditation course itself, all meals and shared accommodation, with the price varying upon which accommodation option is chosen.

Limited Spaces Available: Spaces are limited to maximum 16 participants. Register soon to avoid disappointment.

For those flying, Clear Sky recommends always purchasing travel insurance or flights that can be changed, for the eventuality that a program does not run.

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Not Quite There?

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November 18, 2016
November 20, 2016